Meanings is the solo project of electronic artist Billy Pompey.

HFR000: Meanings - Unual Local CD

03/26/2014 · Have Fun Records · HFR-000

Meanings is a one-piece electronic/chillwave/emo outfit based in Riverview, MI. "Unual Local" has been re-remastered for an exclusive CD release through Have Fun Records. The release includes a hand-printed cardboard jacket with a printed insert. Only 25 have been made.

"Meanings' tracks are laced with a heavy influence from the hip-hop scene from the past few years. But alongside the heavy packets of hi-hat metronomes and trap snares, they're some hints of house and an affinity glitchy effective samples that take his tracks to an interesting place. The track entitled "Bye" carry some familiar and some unfamiliar flavors, and reminds me a great deal of Ludwig's production values off of Childish Gambino's "Because the Internet" record. It's nice watching the movements shift to an abstracted ambient place about 2/3rds into the thing." ~ Satchell Drakes