Dr. Manhattan - Jam Dreams 12" LP HFR001


It's finally here! An invite to a Jam Dream!

Dr. Manhattan from Wacaonda, IL, will be re-issuing their sophomore LP "Jam Dreams'’ on vinyl via MI-based indie label Have Fun Records. The album features 12 groovy tracks from the party-punk band co-produced alongside Saves the Day's Chris Conley.

Along with being re-issued, the vinyl release of Jam Dreams features brand new artwork and layout supplied by independent artist, T. Hans. Every purchase of the album comes with a digital download code packaged with the record that features brand new B-side tracks and remixes from their discography.

The Mailman should be dropping these off at your doorstep on September 25th, 2014.

Listen: https://havefunrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jam-dreams

Artwork: http://www.iamthans.com/


  1. Electraumatized
  2. Texas
  3. After All
  4. Mailman
  5. I'm High
  6. Cowgirl
  7. Misses Stewart
  8. Biscuits and Groovy
  9. Listen Up!
  10. Man With a Woman's Chest
  11. Hard Time
  12. Camping Ground
  13. Hot Sauce (B-Side)
  14. Halloween Everyday (B-Side)
  15. Biscuits and Groovy (Demo)
  16. Misses Stewart (Demo)
  17. Pepper (Wall Remix)
  18. To Feel Cozy Surrounded By Cats (Raif's Late Remix)
Pressing Information

1st Press:
Clear w/ Red+Blue Splatter /150
Translucent Blood Red /350