You Rest, You Joy Life - Just To Be On Something HFR-012


"Detroit quintet You Rest, You Joy Life has bent their shape — once matching post rock’s grandiose, agnostic volition with gravel-cut emo on their 2017 debut — to accommodate a simpler frame. Ahead of their Have Fun Records debut, Just to Be On Something, lead single “Lowe Impasse” offers a breezing counterweight to the band’s headier adventures. In fact, the track’s vexing midsection has more in common with gothic strains of post-hardcore (read: AFI) than their fourth-wave emo contemporaries, and the chorus, with its major-key exalting, could’ve fit in between radio anthems on an Incubus LP. Dated comparisons aside, You Rest, You Joy Life have challenged their own art by creating something with less scene-setting, but twice the exposition." - James Cassar

Certified Not Emo(tm)

Pressing Information

/50 - Clear w/ Gold Liner Tapes